Secret Diary of a Missing Girl

When family members can’t reach Amber Wilde on September 23, 1998, they immediately become alarmed. The 19-year-old University of Wisconsin Green Bay junior is 4 ½ months pregnant and had been involved in a minor traffic accident the day before when she hit her head on the windshield. She has missed her morning classes and an afternoon doctor’s appointment, and is not answering her phone — very out of character for the highly-motivated, disciplined young woman who is planning to attend medical school and become a pediatrician. There is no sign of a struggle in her off-campus apartment, but Amber, her car, purse, and cellphone are missing. Under Amber’s mattress, police find Amber’s secret diary, revealing troubling details about her relationship with the father of her unborn child. They believe the diary is a key to solving her disappearance.

If you have any information, please contact the Green Bay Police Department at 920-448-3200 or send us a tip.

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  1. Kristin

    I’m so sorry for your loss of your loved one and I hope she and her unborn baby will get justice soon im so sorry that you are going through this


  2. Nat.

    It’s so obvious who murdered this woman and her’s Matt!! The police need to dig harder and get that evidence..I’m pretty sure his parents even helped him cover up..I hope this family finds closure very soon..this mystery can definitely be’s a no brainer


  3. Bill Blaski

    Sure seems like the man she was involved with killed her and her unborn baby. Why would he lie about talking to her, and having relations with her. Put the heat on him and his family and let’s see if new evidence comes to light. God bless this family


  4. Carmen

    I remember to day she went missing
    I always felt that the boyfriend, being the job that he had on 29. He did something to her and her unborn boy and buried her under concrete somewhere 🙁
    Way to continent for him not to. They work on the highway all the night back then.

    I truly hope the Wilde family get closure to Amber’s disappearance


  5. Patti Kirchner

    I hope the person that did this to her has a shitty life, I grow up in Lomira and think about her and the little boy. BOBBY JOE. I COULDN’T LIVE IF THAT HAPPENED TO MY FAMILY. so sorry!


  6. Kristin Aranasoff


    I grew up in Campbellsport, WI. I heard of Bobby Jo Fritz disappearing when the event occurred. I had not thought about it in over 20 years until I moved back to Campbellsport and was walking a trail and had a very, intense thought that I know where he is buried and who killed him. The man I pictured and name was not one I recognized or ever knew of. I asked my parents and they confirmed the first and last name of the man was in fact from Campbellsport and he was “the black sheep of the family” who more did not know was present.

    Their family is well-known with a funeral home that is respected. I do not wish any ill-Wilson the family but cannot stop the intense feeling that I know where Bobby Jo is every time we walk the trail.

    Kind Regards,



  7. Shannon Wilde

    On behalf of Amber’s entire family and friends, thank you for taking the time to share her story and helping us to hopefully find justice for her and peace for our family.


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