Black Friday

When 44-year-old Sharon Miller is found shot to death the morning after Thanksgiving in 1999, at the dry cleaners where she works, the quiet town of Lansing, Illinois is in shock –a murder hasn’t happened here in almost a decade. The motive for doesn’t appear to be robbery—instead the crime scene has all the signs that this was an execution-style hit. But who would want Sharon dead?

If you have any information about the murder of Sharon Miller, call the Lansing Police Department at 708-895-7150, or submit a tip at

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  1. Lulu

    I was looking fore more info on this case and came across a Sharon Miller whose husband, Charles, confessed to her death about 2 years after this happened. Odd


  2. Bill Blaski

    This case seemed to me to be more of a robbery gone bad, than a ex wanting revenge. I pray they find the person responsible!


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