The Scott Family Massacre

When Anderson County sheriff’s officers respond to a 911 call on Nov. 2, 2015, they discover the bodies of Mike and Cathy Scott and their elderly mothers sprawled across the blood-soaked floor of their Pendleton, SC home. The brutal quadruple homicide shocks the community and devastates their close-knit families, who can’t imagine who might have killed the quiet well-liked couple and two innocent women in their 80s. Was it a home invasion robbery gone wrong, a random act of violence, or somebody closer to home? Seven years later, the Scott family massacre remains unsolved, and the community fears the killer will strike again.

If you have any information about the quadruple homicide in Pendleton, South Carolina, leave a tip on our website, call 1-888-CRIME-SC (1-888-274-6372), or submit tips online to, or

UPDATE: A week after the podcast aired, in March of 2023, the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office officially named Cathy Scott’s daughter, Amy Vilardi, and her husband, Ross Vilardi, as persons of interest. The investigation is still ongoing.

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  1. Pam

    Please continue to share this story of my family’s murders. I will not give up! There is power in waiting and in believing!


  2. Nina

    If an investigative reporter got on this and write a book, they would be set. Any suggestions on who to contact?


  3. Berenice

    I truly believe that this is a “family”murder. Both of them were probably involved because of how this happened. It wasn’t just one it had to be the both of them.
    Money, greed and disregard for other people. Sheriff Chad’s office has said since the beginning that these two have been the prime suspects. If they aren’t convicted in this life time and can live with themselves with this hanging over their heads they are stronger than most people.
    Something like this will follow them to their deathbeds. I’d rather confess and lift the heavy load off my shoulders.


  4. Ash

  5. Ana Maria

    No matter how much it hurts, the killer is closer than you think. No ransacking, so no random job. Who else knew $$ was kept there? Only the Daughter. Although she’s NOT involved, hubby would almost have to be. Hubby in serious financial trouble, yet he was trusted to keep $$ for his father in law? Nah, I don’t think so. He never thought cops would search HIS home. Tell me why else would $60K be in HIS trailer?? Step-Son in Law is former military ( trained to use guns & knives ) and so were his former military buddies, which he prob enlisted to do this job. His alibi made sure they BOTH were out of town that night. The fact they’re no longer cooperating with LE, is NEVER a good sign. Look at Son In Law’s cell phone records and at former buddies with issues with the law. Surprised LE haven’t acted on this one. Motive? Anger over business failing, FIL has $$ and doesn’t help. Overkill came in to make it look like it was REALLY personal, and yep, it was to someone, really close by.


    • Jessica

      I 1000% agree. Like it’s so obviously the son in law did, or played a big part in it, and I’d even say the daughter at least knew about it even if she didn’t actually DO it. How this case is STILL unsolved is mind boggling to me. Seems to me even a blind idiot could solve this one within a week.


  6. B Nyman

    Did the victim’s children have an explanation for the large sum of cash in their possession? Did they ever test the cash found for the DNA or fingerprints of the deceased?


  7. Jennifer Tubb-Scott

    These brutal and senseless murders did not have to happen. Our family has hurt enough. There needs to be closure.


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