The Sudden Departure of Granger Taylor Part Two

Granger Taylor Driving Car

It is six years before a single clue surfaces that possibly indicates the fate of 32-year-old Granger Taylor. No one has seen the eccentric mechanical genius since he drove off into an intense storm in his pink pickup truck, after claiming he was going on a 42-month interstellar voyage with aliens. In 1986, deep in a mountainous forest of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, an old explosion site is located and remnants of a pickup truck are discovered scattered in the area. The truck’s VIN number identifies the truck as Granger’s, however, the truck they identify is blue, not the pink truck that Granger’s best friend, Robert Keller, says belonged to Granger. Robert, having spent decades missing his best friend, will continue to believe Granger is still alive until he is presented with solid proof that Granger died in an explosion in the mountains.

If you have any information about the mysterious disappearance of Granger Taylor, or to see a photo of Granger, his spaceship, and the note he left behind, go to

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  1. Law

    Is his letter a cypher?!


  2. Unknown

    I believe he was taken by a aircraft. The government doesn’t want civilians to know that there is aliens. They have always tried to cover it up or say it’s our imaginations. He didn’t seem to be one to kill himself. He knew about the storm. To many people are to trusting with cops and government. When I’m reality they lie all the time.


  3. Alana

    Interesting story. Regarding the truck colour, if the colour had burned off, the vehicle identification number does include the vehicle colour (it is one of the digits), so the original truck colour may have been blue.

    I hope he went on an intergalactic journey. It was not easy to cross borders back in 1980s. However you did not need a passport, you needed ID – driver’s license or passport.


  4. Burkhard Schmorell

    It’s a really heartbreaking story, and I don’t want to seem like a jerk, but a lot of the “unsolved” angle appears to be coming from Robert Keller. By that I mean, Keller is the one who tells the greatest amount of detail about the alien abduction angle (including the prediction of the storm), and Keller seems to be the one who disputes the clothing fragment, the truck color, the dynamite use, and Granger’s mental state. Don’t get me wrong. Keller seems like a swell guy. And I believe in supernatural phenomena–albeit demons, not aliens. And I want to believe Granger will come back in 2130 or thenabouts. And I’m sad I won’t be around to confirm or refute his claims at that time. But I remain skeptical, open to the probability that there is a natural explanation and that part of that explanation may be that Keller simply doesn’t want the public memory of his friend to be that of a stoner who “wasted” his talents on private hobbies.


    • Iris

      I too believe in demons, not aliens. Look at the “craft” Granger built. You have a window that looks like an eye of Horus and a lighting symbol on the side. Lightening is a symbol for Lucifer, when he was cast out of heavens to the earth.


      • Burkhard Schmorell

        I would caution against reading too heavily into symbology. Perhaps Granger was consorting with demons, and perhaps some of that worked itself into his mechanical designs. But it’s altogether too easy to read patterns into people’s behavior that aren’t really there based on small fragments. The most I think we can say, without knowing the details personally, is that Granger seems to have been troubled by SOMETHING. And for that, I’m very sad.


  5. c

    I honestly believe he killed himself, or died in the wilderness. He likely had serious mental health issues, like schizophrenia or something like that. Or perhaps something neurologically wrong, like a brain tumor.

    It certainly seems like it could have been a suicide. Making changes to one’s will, combined with his increasing excitingness and happiness in the days leading up to his disappearance. He could have used a story about UFOs as a cover to prevent people from interfering with his plans, or as someone else mentioned, to ease his family’s pain.


  6. Poppy Marenge

    Such a shame he couldn’t seem to get a girlfriend. He’d have made a great partner.


  7. Moonshadow

    I honestly believe Grannger & he has accomplished what he was directed to do.
    He had a special connection where as most he knew did not.
    Yes, I honestly believe he will be back.
    Grannger said that to his best pal, I believe in what Grannger has done & is doing.


  8. No name

    It is my opinion that Granger Taylor blew himself up because he thought that was how he would get to the aliens, similar to members of Heaven’s Gate killed themselves with poisoned fruit punch because they thought that was how they would access an extraterrestrial paradise.


  9. Macy

    I hope that he was abducted, and on a wonderful intergalactic journey.


  10. Jody

    This may seem come across as hurtful but he either ran away or went somewhere to kill himself. The fact he left a letter for his family and a will leaving them his possessions makes it seem like he was planning to leave and made up a story about aliens because he thought it would spare their feelings. The fact that the family is refusing to believe any other option besides aliens is upsetting because he is obviously gone and believing that aliens took him is better than believing the alternative. The only thing about this case that is remotely confusing and warrants answers is what happened to the evidence that the police said disappeared and whatever was going on with the truck that they said belonged to him.


  11. cnico

    Here is the information on the interview with the former director of National Intelligence… he talks about a soon to be released Pentagon report and describes some of the Unidientified Aerial Phenomenon that have been observed by pilots etc.


  12. cnico

    Had I not read a recent interview with the head of the Pentagon’s “UFO” investigation unit (they use a different acronym I can’t remember), as a scientist, I might be really skeptical about Granger leaving on an alien aircraft. However, given that this man (you can do a search for his interview) admits that the Pentagon has files on aircraft that defy the laws of physics (in our limited knowledge of the laws of physics obviously), I now say it is extremely possible that Granger DID leave with an alien aircraft. And I doubt sincerely there was any dynamite involved, but more likely that the spacecraft caused the crater (funny how they don’t mention the crater very much) and destroyed his truck as he was taken up onto the spacecraft. There are many more angles that could be explored here. But I’m glad this podcast was produced. Incredible is all I can say!


  13. Tim

    It’s really too bad because he seemed like a genuinely good guy, but he’s gone. I think that the fact that this got billed as a thing where he may have just taken off is not being very truthful.


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