The Kuria Family Murders

The Kuria Family

On the morning of August 1, 2007, a phone call to Jane Kuria’s home goes unanswered. The single mother of three hasn’t been heard from in over 24 hours. Deeply worried, Jane’s sister-in-law, Pauline, and her niece, Diana, go to check on the family. What they find are four separate crime scenes, equally horrific and gruesome. Jane and her two teen daughters, Isabella and Annabelle, have been bludgeoned to death. Jane’s son and nephew have been beaten unconscious, and are rushed to the hospital, clinging to life. No murder weapon or other usable DNA has been left behind, but one acquaintance of Jane’s emerges as a “person of interest.” The boys eventually recover but have no memory of their assault. Diana, who continues to be haunted by her family’s death and the horrors within that house, is hoping for answers. Who committed this violent assault against Jane and her children and why?

If you have any information about this case, please contact the Cobb County District Attorney’s Office, Cold Case Unit number/tip-line at 770-528-3032, or email, or go to

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  1. Kathy Martinez

    VENGEANCE IS MINE….. says the Lord! #Prayers to the family


  2. Nancy Aguilar

    Heartbreaking, this murder is truly horrific. I too, am a survivor, my son was tortured and murdered in 2006, California. Cold case for 12 years. In 2016, 2 killers arrested. 2017 Pre-trial. 2018 (March 22-29, 5 year anniversary just passed), the Trial. Criminal Courts Downtown Los Angeles.
    We prepared to move from our home in Orange County, CA., when EarthlyJustice was given.

    God will take care of these killers, I truly pray so. I know I’m suppose to forgive, but I cannot yet. I’ve turned it over to God, for Him to forgive my son’s two killers, Anthony Silvas & Juan Vallejo.
    I am truly sorry to learn of these murders. A beautiful family. I pray the boys are coping in their new chapter of life, these heartless killers delivered to them.
    They will be held in my prayers now.


  3. Who knows

    I believe PK knows a lot more then what he has said. I picked up on how he just got to the states two days prior to live here. I don’t think it was the person she talked too. Since no blood was transferred this was very well thought out and planned. I believe was more then 2 people involved. I’m thinking wore hospital outfits and booties. Easy to take off and burn. If they could do that geonology blood test from the towel I believe that may give up some clues also.


    • Yes

      I also thought this. There’s no way he doesn’t know more. I see it as a major coincidence that he happened to get here and 2 days later they were attacked. I wonder the circumstances of his trip to the US.


  4. Phyllis Minter

    Did they check to see if it had something to do with Women in roles different from traditional roles in Africa for women? Maybe a male family member or x husband?


  5. justiceforkurias

    The Mungiki was mentioned to vear the investigators away…….the person who said it is most likely the killer find him and reinterview him…


  6. mystic

    did anyone look into the suspects wife? she had to have known they were too close… 300 phone calls and none on the day of the murders…. he knows something and I bet his wife does too….


  7. Kay

    It’s incredible those boys survived and I hope they’re getting support for what they’ve gone through. What a heartbreaking story, I hope it’s solved soon.


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