Three Dead at Blue Ridge Bank

Sylvia Holtzclaw, Eb and Maggie Barnes

On Friday afternoon, May 16th, 2003, a silent alarm is tripped at the Blue Ridge Savings Bank in Greer, South Carolina, indicating a robbery in progress. When police arrive, they find nothing amiss outside the bank and inside there are no customers or employees. But as they walk down the back hallway, they discover three people, shot dead, in the break room. The lone bank teller and a married couple who had just entered the bank were killed instantly. Cash is missing from the cash drawer and police are unable to located the bank’s VHS security tape which should have recorded the crime. However, they manage to obtain security footage from a nearby gas station which shows a red car, possibly an Oldsmobile Alero, heading in the direction of the bank, then returning, after the robbery. No solid leads emerge until two years later. A man driving a red Alero is pulled over for a traffic stop in Georgia but kills himself before he can be questioned. Could he have been the suspect that authorities are looking for? Family and investigators are hoping someone will come forward with information that will help crack this case.

If you have any information about the Blue Ridge Savings Bank robbery and murders, please contact Detective Arterburn at 864-848-5354. Alternatively, a confidential tip can be left at Greenville Crime Stoppers at, or you can submit a tip at

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  1. Law

    I think because it was obviously an ill chosen bank location everyone knew it was a good location to rob. So add in the tape being taken and every witness being killed, I think it was probably some type of inside job. They killed everyone because they were so familiar with the people that a mask alone couldn’t conceal their identity. So maybe a past employee? At the very least it’s got to be a local/ or someone who used the bank.


  2. Jim Davis

    OH MY GOD why the HELL would you have a flashing light in the bank showing silent alarm??? Might as well just have A BLARING LOUD alarm going off. I swear to God the stupidity of humanity has no bounds.


  3. Jordan

    This case was the focus of one of the Uploaded YouTube videos years ago.


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