Double Murder on the Fifth Floor

Two days before Mother’s Day 2018, 62yearold Ana Del Valle is found dead in the Brooklyn apartment she shares with her daughter, who made the gruesome discovery. Ana’s hands are bound behind her back, and she has been shot in the head. A few days later, Ana’s nextdoor neighbor, Basil Gray, 54, is discovered inside his unit, dead from multiple gunshot wounds to his torso. Police say that both murders happened around the same time, and were executed with the same gun, so they assume the homicides are connected. However, Ana and Basil only know each other casually, and neither have any known enemies. Police are unable to establish a motive for anyone wanting to kill either of them. Were they the innocent victims of a random act of violence? Was it a case of mistaken identity? And, if so, who was the intended victim?

Between the FBI and NYPD, a combined total of $70,000 is being offered for information leading to Ana and Basil’s killers. If you have any knowledge of the events surrounding their murders, or the people responsible, you can call the NYPD Public Information Office at  646-610-6700, or the FBI’s New York office at 212-384-1000. Tips can also be emailed to, or submitted to our website.

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  1. Chañita

    That’s so sag


  2. Mitchell

    Does the building has cameras? There could be some info.
    A very sad case, and I really hope they solve it


  3. sadie

    this is so sad


  4. Elijah Dubois

    Why would you have security systems in a bedroom or living room?


  5. Gina G.

    I can not believe there isn’t video surveillance in the building or surrounding area. New York was leading the country in that arena in 2002. I wanted to wrap my arms around this young woman. What could these people have possibly done that you would enter their homes? Cowards.


  6. Bill Blaski

    Such a sad story, someone in that complex saw something! Please come forward and help two families. Also seems to me the same group of people were shooting dice, Doing drugs etc. Can we turn the heat up on these people, can we float the reward money etc? God Bless


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