Update: The Girl with the “S” Tattoo

On October 8th, 1980, the body of a young girl is discovered on the side of a small dirt road in Henderson, Nevada. She has been stabbed, raped, and bludgeoned to death. Her body has been completely stripped, cleaned, and positioned eerily, face-down in the dirt. Aside from the “S” tattoo on her arm, investigators have no other clue to her identity, or the identity of her killer. First responding detective, John Williams, names the young girl “Jane Arroyo Grande Doe,” and ultimately devotes the next 40 years of his career to identifying “Janie.” But he retires with the case still unsolved. In 2021, cold case detective Joseph Ebert, now assigned to the case, and a team of genetic genealogists, use advanced DNA technology to finally identify this young girl. “Jane Arroyo Grande Doe” is Tammy Tarrell, a young runaway from Artesia, New Mexico, and her sister has been missing her for 40 years. Now, armed with Tammy’s true identity, Ebert is determined to solve the second half of this mystery—who killed Tammy Tarrell?

If you have any information about this couple, or any other possible leads in this case, please contact the Henderson police department at (702) 267-4750 or leave a tip on our website.


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  1. Chris

    This is just a spit balling far reach, however worth a shot. I know it was stated the couple that was with Tammy, said that she was going to California. Could it possibly be the couple, husband and wife murderers from Chino California, Cameron and Janice Hooker.


  2. Jamie

    Gerald and Charlene Gallego were serial killers active in the time and location of her abduction. They frequented malls and fairs to get some of their victims and the way in which she died matches their MO. Their home base appears to have been California and they match the description of the people at the restaurant. They’re both dead, I think, though.


  3. Anne-Marie Griffin Wilson

    David Parker Ray and his wife would be my bet.


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