A Mother’s Nightmare

Ruth Gotliebson first met Charles Vosseler, a realtor and entrepreneur, in 1981, while scrolling through the personal ads of Mother Earth News. Like Ruth, he was seeking companionship and they began a friendly correspondence. After meeting in person and dating for a year, Ruth and Charles were excited to embark on married life, flipping houses, and starting a family.

But once married with two young boys, Ruth begins to see red flags in her marriage: Charles is controlling, confrontational, and impulsive. When the boys, CJ & Billy, are just 2 and 4 years old, Charles abruptly abducts them, abandoning his real estate business and going on the run. He takes every photo and video of the boys, leaving Ruth penniless and heartbroken. Ruth, determined to find her boys, joins forces with the FBI and a private detective to try to track down Charles, and almost succeeds. Now, 30 years later, Ruth still has hope that she will one day be reunited with CJ and Billy. More than anything, she wants her boys to know that she loves them and has never stopped searching for them.

Charles Martin Vosseler disappeared from Rochester, New Hampshire with his two boys, Charles Jason “CJ” Vosseler and William Martin “Billy” Vosseler, on October 9th, 1986. They may be using the last names of Wilson, Foster, or Amidon. Charles Martin Vosseler is wanted for the kidnapping of CJ & Billy. A federal warrant for unlawful flight to avoid prosecution was issued for Charles on April 3, 1987. There is a reward for any information about this case. See age progression photos below. If you know the whereabouts of Charles, CJ, or Billy Vosseler, please contact the FBI or submit a tip.

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  1. NE

    This breaks my heart, I pray you get to reunite with your sons.


  2. G Thomas

    Was the burnt house investigated ? Any bodies ? This man is E V I L !!!


  3. NH

    How did they not have a private detective follow grandparents through out the years. How did they not get changed with helping this man. Phone records throughout the years etc.
    ironically I was driving through Rochester when this came on. Where are the parents now? Have they passed away?


    • RBX

      I can assure you Ruth is doing about as well as she can be. Even with everything she’s been through, she’s a positive, energetic, and compassionate person – always a great time when she’s around.





  5. Diane

    Why can’t they do the genealogy trace using Ruth’s DNA? Couldn’t they find them that way?


    • Jarrett

      She says she has submitted dna for this reason, but if Charles’ family or the children has never submitted, it would never find a match.


  6. Amy Sullivan

    This needs to be a story out on Netflix, 20/20, and Dateline! This need as much media as possible! Please let’s get this out there on more than just unsolved mysteries. Someone knows something! I will be praying for you, Ruth! Your strength is amazing! Praying for the resolution and that you get see your boys!


  7. Mubarakan

    The podcast is 10 out of 9.99 since the background souns is a little bit loud.
    This mom passed throught alot, I hope one day to find her grown sons.


  8. Gregory

    Outstanding Series!!


  9. MG

    My hearts breaks for you. I hope and pray you find your boys.


  10. Myers

    This story needs to be produced on the next season of the netflix show. Ruth deserves answers and if those boys are alive this is the best way to reach them! Praying for you Ruth!!!


  11. whitney

    Praying you find answers! <3


  12. Jodi

    Excellent Podcast!


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