Hosted by Robert Stack, this series uses re-enactments and interviews to retell the circumstances of, well, mysteries that are unsolved. Covering crimes, tales of lost love, unexplained history and paranormal events.


Robert Stack

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episode 12106

This episode includes: Trailer Terror, Lost in Jamaica, Ghost Boy and Yager Shyster & UD.

Duration: 45 minutes


episode 12107

This episode includes: Red Shoes & UD, Insecurity Guard, She Finds Fugitives, Bad Friday & UD and SB: Rachel Cooke.

Duration: 42 minutes


episode 12108

This episode includes: Two Mary Murders, Lenny Dirickson, Fatal Flowers & UD and Boston Healer.

Duration: 43 minutes


episode 12109

This episode includes: Twisted sisters & UD, Mad Maggio & UD, ATM Mystery & UD and Five Separated Siblings & UD.

Duration: 42 minutes


episode 12110

This episode includes: Carson Prince & UD, Fake Dr. Fraud & UD, Hero Molester & UD and Missing Theatre Student & UD.

Duration: 48 minutes


episode 12111

This episode includes: Campus Calamity, Borden House, Kerouac Fan and Kentucky Bomber & UD.

Duration: 43 minutes


episode 12112

This episode includes: Jesse James Hollywood & UD, Rider Down & UD, Bad Dad and Picture Kristen Gone.

Duration: 43 minutes


episode 12113

This episode includes: Bordeaux Murder, Salsa Swindlers & UD, UD: Hotel Balcony Death, Amber Swartz & UD and UD: Poison Snake.

Duration: 42 minutes


episode 12114

This episode includes: Kilgore Isn't Here & UD, Myrtles Plantation and Gang Mom.

Duration: 46 minutes


episode 12115

This episode includes: Heather Tallchief & UD, Burned Evidence, Survivor and Niqui Bride to Be.

Duration: 45 minutes


episode 12116

This episode includes: The Other Intern & UD, Artist for the Persecution, Waag, the Dog & UD and Patti's Little Girls & UD.

Duration: 44 minutes


episode 12117

This episode includes: Suspect Turned Victim & UD, David Lee Kemp & UD, Internet Abduction & UD and Love is Blind.

Duration: 44 minutes


episode 12118

This episode includes: Skull Duggery, Deadly RX & UD, Children of Heaven and Not Home for the Holidays & UD.

Duration: 44 minutes