Hosted by Robert Stack, this series uses re-enactments and interviews to retell the circumstances of, well, mysteries that are unsolved. Covering crimes, tales of lost love, unexplained history and paranormal events.


Robert Stack

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episode 10997

This episode includes: Brandon Lee, Missing Anchorwoman, First Love, Second Chance & UD, Killer Castro and Gulf P.O.W. Dream.

Duration: 43 minutes


episode 10998

This episode includes: Deadly Doses & UD, Missing Bird People, Baby's Breath and Fawzi's Son & UD.

Duration: 43 minutes


episode 10999

This episode includes: Missing Rock Star & UD, UD: Wandering Fishman, St. Louis Custody Killing & UD, Animal Therapist, Who Do Voodoo? and Molnar Heir & UD.

Duration: 42 minutes


episode 11000

This episode includes: Socorro Close Encounter, UD: Car Crash Thank You, Kentucky Visions, Foster Twins & UD and Elevator Murder.

Duration: 43 minutes


episode 11001

This episode includes: Fugitive Drug Dealer, UD: Model's Third Notebook, Tina's Search & UD, Miracle Buffalo, Lost Gause & UD and Who Killed Superman?

Duration: 44 minutes


episode 11002

This episode includes: BC Sea Monster, Jumping Off Place, UD: Thelma & Louise, Fatherly Love? & UD, Postal Crime and Miss Subways.

Duration: 42 minutes


episode 11003

This episode includes: Forklift Mystery & UD, Unicorn's Secret & UD, Where's Jim?, Ohio Video Robbery and Grace's Ghost.

Duration: 49 minutes


episode 11004

This episode includes: Battling for Her Brother & UD, UD: Johnny Lee Wilson, Kempton's Search & UD, Missing Bonnie & UD and Devil's Backbone.

Duration: 45 minutes


episode 11005

This episode includes: Taunting Bank Robber, Merchant Student Drowning & UD, Genius Mystery, Baby Given Away and Mia Zapata & UD.

Duration: 48 minutes


episode 11006

This episode includes: Ice Woman, Airline Employee Murder, Silicon Valley Hit, Florida Crime Spree & UD and Elvis, The Twinless Twin.

Duration: 47 minutes


episode 11007

This episode includes: Direct Contact, Green River Killer & UD, Foster Son & UD and Murder in Connecticut & UD.

Duration: 45 minutes


episode 11008

This episode includes: Comedy Store Ghosts, New Year's Samaritan & UD, UD: Fritz & the Soldiers, NY Serial Rapist & UD and Suspicious Suicide.

Duration: 46 minutes


episode 11009

This episode includes: Newlywed Escape & UD, Gettysburg Ghosts, Trucker Disappearance & UD and Magic, the Gathering.

Duration: 45 minutes


episode 11010

This episode includes: Oklahoma City Rescuers, UD: Baby Given Away, Carolina Cop Killer & UD, Vince Foster and Crime Novelist.

Duration: 48 minutes


episode 11011

This episode includes: Massachusetts Marine, UD: Taunting Bank Robber, Packer Church Fire , Ms. Miracle and Train Wreck Amnesia & UD.

Duration: 44 minutes


episode 11012

This episode includes: Daughter Seeks Justice, Baseball Amnesia, Casino Bandit & UD and Wickenburg Massacre.

Duration: 42 minutes


episode 11013

This episode includes: SADD Fugitive, Nazca Lines, Where's Charoltte? and The Enetity The.

Duration: 44 minutes


episode 11014

This episode includes: Doris Duke & UD, UD: Foster Son, Vietnam Orphans, Puerto Rican Monster and Money From Heaven.

Duration: 48 minutes


episode 11015

This episode includes: RFK Pix & UD, Lady in Black, Vigilante and Shelly Loved Horses.

Duration: 46 minutes


episode 11016

This episode includes: Mummy's Curse, Cabbie Bomber, Terrorized Teen and Amtrak Sabotage.

Duration: 43 minutes


episode 11017

This episode includes: Dennis Cole's Son, UD: Train Wreck Amnesia, Newsmans Lost Love & UD, Amish Hostage Murder & UD and Plateau Vision.

Duration: 44 minutes