Hosted by Robert Stack, this series uses re-enactments and interviews to retell the circumstances of, well, mysteries that are unsolved. Covering crimes, tales of lost love, unexplained history and paranormal events.


Robert Stack

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episode 11416

This episode includes: Zodiac/Unabomber & UD, UD: Newsman's Lost Love, Missing College Kids & UD, Trish's Miracle and Picture Taking Fugitive.

Duration: 46 minutes


episode 11417

This episode includes: Southern Disappearance, Playboy Con Man & UD, UD: Florida Crime Spree, College Student Murders & UD and Message in a Bottle.

Duration: 43 minutes


episode 11418

This episode includes: Death of a Rock Star & UD, UD: Amish Hostage Murder, Terror by the Book, Home Invasion Spree and Fertility Statues.

Duration: 45 minutes


episode 11419

This episode includes: Sleepwalking, Murder in the Park, UD: KC Blast, Parallel Lives and Missing Susan & UD.

Duration: 44 minutes


episode 11420

This episode includes: Storm in Hell, Good Samaritan Abductor, UD: Newlywed Escape, Motorcyclist's Samaritan & UD and Madman Across the Water.

Duration: 43 minutes


episode 11421

This episode includes: The Blob, Texas A&M Rapist & UD, Qi Gong, Southie & UD and Where's Baby Le-Zahn? & UD.

Duration: 49 minutes


episode 11422

This episode includes: Love on the Run & UD, Georgetown Arson, Lottery Miracle and Lucky School.

Duration: 43 minutes


episode 11423

This episode includes: Children's Past Lives, Pet Heroes, Zip Gun Bomber, Hotel Balcony Death & UD and Glendeen's Goal & UD.

Duration: 44 minutes


episode 11424

This episode includes: Bee Sting Healing, Ranger Bombing Target, UD: Looking for Christopher, Preppie Rape Mistrial & UD and 911 Call for Help.

Duration: 45 minutes


episode 11425

This episode includes: Oliver, a Manpanzee, Dennis Keith Smith & UD, Blood Ties, Desperately Seeking Susan and Little Beauty Queen Death.

Duration: 46 minutes


episode 11427

This episode includes: Doggie Bowser MD, UD: College Student Murders, Furniture Store Shoot Out, Pts. 1 & 2 and Kurt Cobain.

Duration: 44 minutes


episode 11428

This episode includes: Aphrodisiacs, Cosby Kid Murder & UD, Helicopter Ray Gun, UD: Road Map Clues, Dying to Confess and Asteroids & Meteors.

Duration: 46 minutes


episode 11429

This episode includes: Lightning Family, Film Student's Death, Born to Kill and Vampire Kids & UD.

Duration: 42 minutes


episode 11430

This episode includes: Noble Brothers Run & UD, UD: Motorcyclist's Samaritan, Sweet Sue & UD, Up in Smoke and Tupac Shakur.

Duration: 43 minutes


episode 11431

This episode includes: Psychic Spy, Wanted Nanny, Bloodhounds & UD and Cloning.

Duration: 44 minutes


episode 11432

This episode includes: Frightened Family, DEA Agent Death & UD, Amazon Women, Candy & Roxy and TWA 800 Conspiracy.

Duration: 46 minutes


episode 11433

This episode includes: Rosemary's Spirits, There's Something You Should Know & UD, Journey to Murder, Major Lazarus and Men in Black.

Duration: 48 minutes


episode 11434

This episode includes: Salvatore Spinnato & UD, Miracle Maker, Beauty Salon Killer & UD, Such is Life & UD and Atlanta Bombings & UD.

Duration: 44 minutes