Unsolved Mysteries: Volume 3: “Mystery at Mile Marker 45”

Tiffany Valiante, a promising young athlete, is struck by a train four miles from home. But was her death a suicide or something more sinister?

Duration: 49 minutes


Unsolved Mysteries: Volume 3: “Something in the Sky”

Over 300 residents of western Michigan report seeing unearthly lights on the night of March 8th, 1994. Decades later, the event remains unexplained.

Duration: 44 minutes


Unsolved Mysteries: Volume 3: “Body in Bags”

Duration: 45 minutes


Unsolved Mysteries: Volume 3: “Death in a Vegas Motel”

Buffalo Jim Barrier's larger-than-life presence in Las Vegas rankled the mob. Could that explain his untimely death under suspicious circumstances?

Duration: 43 minutes


Unsolved Mysteries: Volume 3: “Paranormal Rangers”

Bigfoot, orbs, UFOs, poltergeists and skin-walkers. For these Navajo Nation rangers, paranormal activity is just part of the job.

Duration: 41 minutes


Unsolved Mysteries: Volume 3: “What Happened to Josh?”

Twenty-year-old Josh Guimond leaves a college party without a word and is never seen again. Two decades later, his loved ones just want answers.

Duration: 48 minutes


Unsolved Mysteries: Volume 3: “Body in the Bay”

Patrick Mullins’ unmanned boat is found miles from his home. When his body surfaces a week later, authorities are left with more questions than answers.

Duration: 46 minutes


Unsolved Mysteries: Volume 3: “The Ghost in Apartment 14”

A woman and her young daughter experience hauntings in their new apartment, linking them to the grisly murder of Marliz Spannhake in 1976.

Duration: 53 minutes


Unsolved Mysteries: Volume 3: “Abducted by a Parent”

When a child is kidnapped by their own parent, what recourse does the family have? These two cases explore the unique pain of parental abduction.

Duration: 39 minutes