Ambush in Inglewood

In 2009, Kevin Harris is a promising young musician with a prodigious talent and bright future whose beats have already attracted the attention of top recording artists. But his life ends in a hail of bullets on the night of September 20, when Kevin arrives at an Inglewood, CA recording studio. At least two gunmen fire through the open window or his car, hitting Kevin at near point-blank range and killing him instantly. Although the shooting has all the earmarks of a gang hit, investigators soon discover that Kevin is no gangster. Who then, might want Kevin Harris dead? One theory is that Kevin was mistaken for a known gang member who drove a similar model car. But investigators discover a more ominous possibility when they uncover social media posts which suggest Kevin’s murder may have been the result of a professional rivalry. FBI investigators say they only need one more piece of the puzzle to solve the case and are offering a reward of $25,000 for information leading to the identification, apprehension and conviction of the person who cut Kevin Harris’ life so tragically short.


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  1. Nasim

    Although writing from London, I was born in Inglewood and am very sad to learn this news. My prayers go to Keven and his family and loved ones and I hope the terrible people who took such a beautiful and promising life are apprehended at the soonest, Amen.


  2. Ryan Fisher

    Where is the audio?


  3. Gina C.

    What’s left of my heart, and soul aches for your family. I can’t understand this madness and never will. I wish, want and know you will receive the justice you seek. You have to! Somebody do something! Say something! Be somebody! Somebody for someone! Please! Why don’t we matter to each other?!