Missing in Mesquite

When 26-year-old single mother Prisma Reyes doesn’t pick up her 6-year-old son from the babysitter on April 17, 2019, friends and family immediately know something is very wrong and report her as missing to the Mesquite, TX Police Department. The next day investigators find Prisma’s Jeep abandoned behind an ex-boyfriend’s East Dallas apartment building, and security camera video shows Prisma entering the building’s parking garage on foot. She appears to be disoriented and is crying and talking on her cell phone. She gets into the building’s elevator and then disappears, never to be seen again. Police discover Prisma had met the ex-boyfriend for lunch at a nearby bar, where they appeared to be arguing. When he left, she stayed and continued drinking. Police also uncover a disturbing pattern of inconsistencies in Prisma’s life, including an unexplained job change, the purchase of a gun, and a secret life moonlighting as an exotic dancer. What happened to Prisma Reyes? Is her ex-boyfriend’s air-tight alibi really air-tight? Did her secret life hide even darker secrets? Or did she simply disappear to start a new life elsewhere?

Prisma Reyes went missing on April 17th, 2019 in Dallas, Texas. There is a reward for any information about this case. If you know something, please contact the Mesquite, Texas Police Department at 972-216-6759, or submit a tip at unsolved.com. A snippet of the security video can be seen on our social channels.


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  1. Me

    27 with a 6 year old, worked as a stripper, had an obviously abusive ex. Sounds like daddy issues


  2. Liroz

    Soo sorry for the family 🙁


  3. Leona Baskett

    Has anyone tried getting a lip reader to read what is being said at the bar and on her phone? Maybe if the video was of good quality it might help.


  4. Bill Blaski

    The thing I don’t understand is investigators state they see her go in the building. They say they can view all exits of the building and she never comes out. Doesn’t that have to mean she was killed in someone’s apartment? Or carried out and hid taken to someone’s car. Have they ran every tenant in that building?


  5. Wil

    That’s really sad.


  6. Aurora

    Beautiful girl. She looks happy in her pictures. Something must have caught her off guard and was so devastated. I hope they find her.


  7. William Earnhardt

    I have no idea how much she was drinking at the restaurant, but maybe police would know if she was drinking enough to indicate even at the restaurant she had no intentions of returning to work?


  8. Angela

    Beautiful young lady, very troubled. Maybe somebody took advantage of her situation. Possibly someone slipped a drug in her drink…. then followed her…. waiting until the drug took effect and then acted. Smuggled her out of the parking garage, out of view of cameras.


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