Death of a DJ

On January 20th, 2012, local celebrity DJ Juan Gatti, known to friends and family by his legal name, Stephon Edgerton, walks out of a Valdosta, GA radio station after finishing his 6pm to midnight shift, and is shot three times by an unknown assailant, who has been lying in wait. The mortally wounded 40-year-old husband and father of three manages to call 911 and give authorities a description of the gunman before he dies in a local hospital an hour later. In the ten years since Edgerton’s murder, nobody has been charged with the homicide, and investigators are asking for the public’s help to find the person who killed the beloved radio personality and devoted family man, who appeared to have no enemies.

If you have any information about the murder of Stephon Edgerton, please contact the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office at 229-671-2985 or, or leave a tip at

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  1. ThatsFacts

    RIP DJ Juan Gatti Mr. Stephon Edgerton. Prayers for your, family, wife, children and friends. I haven’t heard of you nor did I know of you but I believe Karma has no expiration date. I’m a strong believer of karma bouncing to that guilty party that deserve it with the quickness. I also believe what’s in the dark shall come to light.


  2. Bill Blaski

    I found it odd they brought up Gatti having a police chief business card and they left it at that. Why have they not reached out to that chief and asked him what gatti did/saw etc. they didn’t mention anything else about it? What was going on? Also did he just have weed for personal use, or do he sell? My prayers to the family


  3. Gina G

    Heartbreaking. I can not imagine the terror and rage this case has caused them. Perhaps the person was light skinned? How can there be no suspects? There’s often some truth to rumor and there has to be something said among this small group in a wide industry. It gives the impression if the cops don’t care then why should I? What difference would what I say make? They’ve already made up their mind. The “don’t want to jeopardize” the case is a undermining excuse. Its been too long and if the family knows something bring it to the light. It’s so few articles or forum threads. When you fight others will want to fight beside you. They believe you appreciate their efforts. Take it to the streets! Shame on station not using that platform. It’s been too long. Especially for a person in media. Deepest Condolences.


  4. Tansie

    This broke my heart. I hope this helps gets attention for this case and justice for the family .


    • Gina C

      Me too! We get so few opportunities for exposure. Especially on this series. I can count on hand. Could not imagine. I hope I would be yelling from the roof, and fighting with all I had to get justice. There are too many DJs unsolved murders. There has to more investigation into persons who feel slighted, perhaps on the peripheral. Unsolved had a similar case solved years later. It’s still payola going on. Called by another name doesn’t make it less so. Especially, how this “station” has done NOTHING to give more attention to the murder of one of their employees. Such “good guys”.


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