Highway Homicide

A mystery that continues to haunt investigators and family alike is the unsolved murder of Willie “Flynt” Lee. Late Monday evening, August 3, 2009, a 9-1-1 call reports a truck on fire off Hwy 13 in Mendenhall, Mississippi. Authorities arrive at the scene and find the truck ablaze at the bottom of a ravine, just off the highway. They douse the fire, retrieve the truck, and discover bullet holes riddled along the driver’s side of the truck. However, when they peer inside, there’s no body in the truck. The next day Flynt’s body, with a gunshot wound to the torso, is found in the river, some distance from where the truck burned. Blood spatters on top of the bridge lead investigators to believe that someone threw Flynt’s body over the bridge. For weeks police question family, friends and acquaintances of Flynt hoping to find leads into why someone would want Flynt Lee dead. Twelve years after the crime, the family and friends of Flynt Lee will not give up hope that Flynt’s killers will be brought to justice. They know the killers are still out there.

If you have any information about his murder, or the fire that burned his truck, please contact the Simpson County District Attorney’s Office at 601-847-1342, or go to unsolved.com.


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