Pets and the Afterlife

Paranormal investigator, author, and medium Rob Gutro was devastated when his puppy, Buzz, was tragically killed by a car. However, only minutes after Buzz passed, Rob believes that Buzz began to communicate from the other side through a wide array of signs—lights flickering, objects moving, and even the sound of paws tapping across the floor. Out of Gutro’s grief sprang a gift he wasn’t aware he possessed—the ability to communicate with pets who have crossed over. In the past decade, he has used this gift to help grieving “pet parents” by offering them readings. Gutro discusses the complex grief that comes from losing a pet, while three of Gutro’s former clients share the incredibly heartwarming and specific ways their beloved pets communicated through Gutro’s work, and how their sessions helped them find closure.

Have you made contact with a pet that has crossed over? If so, send us your story.

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  1. Burkhard Schmorell

    Let’s be honest. Statistically, there should be some owners who think their pet adored them when in reality the pet was embittered and resentful. But where are those pets’ souls, hm? Why don’t they “stay behind” to gripe about their experience? Why are Gutro’s contacts always pets who want to reminisce about their fondness for squeaky toys and handicap ramps and euthanasia? It’s kind of like how, if you’ve ever noticed, fortune cookies never have messages that say anything like, “Next week’s work schedule is going to suck.” Or like how Joel Osteen never calls out people on the bad stuff they do.

    Strange also, isn’t it, that Gutro can only do these readings once you’ve given him a picture and a name. I should think he would want to offer comfort as soon as possible and be able to perform readings live on the spot… Incidentally, you would be surprised how much I can learn about your “private” life with just a little bit of Facebook stalking.


  2. Josie Amaya

    My Jack died Thursday June 23rd. I had him since a baby and loved him so much. The night before he died he was like a little puppy again. So energetic and happy. He was such an amazing dog. I was blessed to have him in my life for 13 years. I loved him so much. My heart is so sad.


  3. Rob Gutro

    Thank you for the comments and for listening to this wonderful episode. My thanks to all involved in the Unsolved Mysteries Podcast
    and to the folks who were kind enough to share their experiences. Instructions for readings are on my website. You can reach me at, or [email protected]. Reading pets is a very emotional experience for me, too. It’s amazing how much information they can convey, and I enjoy bringing comfort to their pet parents. Thank you, Unsolved Mysteries.


  4. Shelley murray

    Hi, would really love a reading from Rob Gutro. I lost my 2 australian terriers 1 year apart. It has broken my heart and would love to know they are safe and happy. Can i please have his email details. Many thanks,


  5. Jonathan

    Connect with Rob at


  6. Jayme

    How do we get in touch with him?


  7. sam

    I’m not sure what to ask… Lots of spirituality going on and hoping you can translate….


  8. Katelynne Welc

    This story had me thinking about my dog scrappy that passed away on Dec 31st 1999 and that I still miss her to this day even though I have another dog.


  9. Jennifer

    This had me in tears the whole time. Re h he is story brought back all the loving years of my Husky that past at 14 yrs old and my recent passed 3 yr old German Shepherd/Labrador Retriever. Many of the afterlife accounts I related to with my pups. Thank you Unsolved Mysteries for sharing.


  10. Michelle

    I think I cried the whole time listening to this. I could completely relate to everyone and the loss of their beloved pets. I’ve lost 2 dogs and I think about them all the time. It’s good to know that we can connect with them.


  11. Peace

    Thank you for this touching episode — it is quite timely given we had to put our dog down this week. Animals are so wonderful, and it is comforting to know our pets are still around and waiting for us.


  12. Sleeping_gorilla

    Some very touching stories spoiled by a Charlatan preying on people’s loss and pain. This sort of stuff isn’t victimless. It distorts people memories of their loved ones. The scary thing is that this guy works for NASA!


    • camille

      Why were you even listening to this kind of subject would be my question.


    • Brett S

      Buddy and I were the subject of the first story. Due to time limitations, it was impossible to convey how Rob Gutro was able to know the unknowable. He knew my dog’s favorite place (a house by the woods in a German village-5000 miles from where I met him). He knew my dog’s last snack. He heard the name of my mother in law. I was not a believer in this stuff either but Rob’s vision defy explanation. I am a veteran warrior -No one preys on me.


  13. Marla Rangeloff

    I really enjoyed this podcast. My cat passed away in the spring this year. Hearing the beautiful stories, helps me cope with my broken . Thank you


  14. Theresa

    I really needed to hear this podcast today. Yesterday we had to put down our soul-mate dog, Hunter, after 13 years of being together. Many tears were shed listening to this story. Thank you so much Unsolved Mysteries for sharing this with us.


  15. Bob Heske

    Excellent episode. I know both Rob Gutro and Dan Miller — as Dan’s story first appeared on my podcast and I can absolutely vouch for its authenticity. Dan was very skeptical and the pig squeaky toy w/ the squeaker that no longer worked blew him away. I remember the one-word text after he spoke to Rob — “WOW!”. That episode is by far the most popular – a colleague at work was inspired to contact Rob and similarly had a positive, emotional experience. Rob is the real deal and a genuine kind man.


  16. Ryan Emch

    Thank you so much unsolved mysteries this conjured thoughts about my past dog.


  17. Angela

    To “ Vitor” who said they “couldn’t hold back the tears” during this story, you are not alone. This story was bittersweet…. so many good memories of my pets and the happiness we brought into each others life. I love you Topsy, Barnum, little Kimba, Ace, Gus and my sweet rescue girl, Sadie. Here’s to all the fur babies waiting for us on the other side.


  18. Vitor

    I couldn’t hold my tears listening to this episode.
    It brought me so many memories from my past.
    Such a heartbreaking and unusual story.
    By the way, I think the transcript link is not working.
    Thank you, Unsolved Mysteries!!


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