Murder in the Military

Over Memorial Day weekend 2020, SPC Enrique Roman-Martinez and seven other paratroopers from his battalion, break Fort Bragg’s Covid restrictions and go camping on North Carolina’s Cape Lookout National Seashore. Enrique disappears the first night, leaving behind his glasses, cell phone, and wallet, but his companions don’t report him missing until 19 hours later, saying they have spent the entire day searching for him. A week later, the 21-year-old soldier’s head washes up on the beach of a nearby island, with marks indicating it has been severed from his body with a sharp, cutting instrument. What happened to Enrique remains a mystery, and his family and loved ones are left searching for answers to questions about how Enrique died and who killed him.

Enrique Roman-Martinez was killed on or around May 22nd 2020 while camping on North Carolina’s Cape Lookout National Seashore. The army is now offering its largest reward — $50,000 — for any information leading to the arrest of the person or persons responsible for Enrique’s death. If you have any information regarding this case, please contact the army CID special agents at 910-396-8777, or go to

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  1. Law

    The family needs to get a pi and or get an outside agency involved. Enough pressure and someone is going to talk. And I’d assume enough pressure and they Will investigate just to stop the negative press, this should be stuck in the national news!


  2. Law

    Did they question the gf? Whose gf was it? I didn’t like the tone of the caller specifically. Could they tell if the cuts etc were made postmortem or no? Did he test positive for any drugs? His sister said he was a rule follower, someone like that I don’t think randomly does drugs on a tiny island when he has vision problems and a disability that would make it hard for him to swim etc. 7 people to keep a very big secret? Someone will talk eventually, this time the odds are in the families favor! The fact that the diary is missing tells you everything you need to know.


  3. Robin Garduno

    In the story the sister said Enrique was not planning on going on the camping trip. She said someone backed out at the last minute and Enrique went instead. Was the person who backed out questioned? The story never said anything about that person. Enrique going could have been a plan. Whoever that person was could have been paid or asked to back out
    The 7 other people may not have known about this. That person won’t come forward for fear of getting killed or hurt


  4. Theresa

    If the 7 of them conspired to keep the one’s girlfriend out of the story, what makes you think they would not conspire to change the story. My thoughts are that he died (maybe OD’ed) and they tried to get rid of the body? I am assuming there was not a nefarious component, just a mistake they wanted to clean up. I hope the family gets some answers, they deserve them!


  5. John

    We’re the 7 people with him given lie detector tests? They know what happened.


  6. Becca

    These coverups happen way more often in the military than the nation wants to admit.


  7. Bill Blaski

    God Bless his family, I subscribe to Occam’s razor. The group he was with have some explaining to do


  8. Gregory

    Sad story. I hope his family finds answers to what happened to him.


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