The Haunting on Brownsville Road

Bob Cranmer, a well-known local politician from Brentwood, PA, has been fascinated with the house at 3406 Brownsville Road for as long as he can remember. As a kid, he’d pass the property on his way to a friend’s house and always stop to look at the home. Its stately wrap-around porch and beautiful, expansive windows gave the impression of “success.” To Bob, living in that house would mean that he’d “made something of himself.” In the Fall of 1988, Bob is informed that his dream home is for sale. He buys it and moves his wife, Lesa, and their four children, Jessica, Bobby, David, and Charlie, into the home. From the day they arrive, the family begins to report strange paranormal experiences, such as doors closing, phantom footsteps down the hall and lights turning on and off. At first the family makes a joke that their house is haunted by “a friendly ghost.” But one night, the paranormal activity in the Cranmer’s home takes a dark turn. For years, the entity wreaks havoc on the family. Bob Cranmer and his son, Bobby Jr., tell of the dark energies in their home, and the years-long process it took to free the home, and the family, from its clutches.

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  1. Truth

    The real demon of 3406 Brownsville is Bob Cranmer


  2. Amy

    The dad is probably the most selfish person I have ever heard about. His wife had a mental breakdown probably because of the stress of the fact that their house was “haunted “ and his whole family didn’t feel comfortable living in the house yet he forced the family to live in the house just because it was his dream house that doesn’t mean he should put the house before his family’s well-being . Also I found it weird that he didn’t say his old aunt passed away but “expired “ such an odd way to say she died . Also the fact that he thought that his son turned “goth” because of a “demon” I mean teenagers go though different phases and it was probably just his way of expressing himself.


  3. Anon

    This is yet another case of someone who is either dumb as rocks or a grifter capitalizing on others’ gullibility. The photos he claims to have taken are laughable. Ooo, one of the kids is a goth, must be possessed! The elderly, infirm aunt dies, it must have been a DEMON! It makes you wonder how someone who thinks like thiis manages to put their pants on in the morning. In any case he’s turned the house into a B&B for even more gullible folks to stay in. And the grift goes on.


  4. Steve

    This house is a Bed & Breakfast now, still ran by Bob Cranmer. This is a marketing campaign. See:


  5. Felicia

    WOW. I never make comments but the “father” in this is just the worst person ever. Condescending and SELFISH from the moment him and the family stepped foot in the house. He clearly puts his self and wants before his family safety. Karma shall work its magic somehow. I hope the mom and the kids heal.


  6. Crystal

    I can’t believe the explanation for their son’s teenage behaviour, including the physical altercation, is “the house made him do it” not, “I forced my family to spend the majority of their life in a home that gave them anxiety and instilled deep fear.” Formative years living in fear because dad loved the look of the house, and then decided he had to “win” at all cost. Sorry dude, you (and teenage hormones and angst) are the reason your son punched you accross the room, not the house. We can all find great strength when angy or afraid and this kid was both.


  7. Bill Blaski

    No one ever seems to be able to record anything, tape record something, or bring in authority’s to testify they witnessed it. If this Went on for years why didn’t it get documented?


    • Ninalindley

      I just wanted to tell you sometimes you manage to record things even when you don’t mean to. Let me explain.
      My husband was snoring very badly and also gasping for air during his sleep. I was very concerned about him and told him to see a doctor. He obviously he didn’t believe us and decided to do a secret recording without telling any of his family. After he’d finished recording he went through the recording and couldn’t believe what he recorded. At around 3.30 am there is a woman’s voice heard and she sounds like she’s calling his name from the hallway. She sounds like she is singing his Name over and over. My husband then asked me to listen without telling me what’s going on then he started the video and I heard it straight away. It was the first proof we had something is actually going on but totally unexpected.
      I’ve been attacked in my bed by something invisible. I was having a tug of war with sheets that ripped apart. My sons had the lights go out and shower goes off while shampooing his hair. No the fuse didn’t trip because I was able to pull both light switches and they came back on. He said he was touched by something. What happened following that was just insane and terrifying.
      Unfortunately there is no help out there for people with real paranormal experiences. Your firmly on your own and with your faith. I’ve tried the church and was mocked when I tried to protect my family. It’s got nothing to do with our home it’s even followed us on holiday. We’ve been through hell and you never feel safe. I’ve looked into every mental illness and every medical possibilities but nothing fits. You see it’s not just my little family it’s effected it’s my whole family and this dates back to around 1974.


  8. Bill Mikreditkard

    Can we stop finding a way to turn every single thing we hear or see into an opportunity to call out a form of racism that only exists as a fabrication of your own imagination? That would be great. Get a grip. You’re not helping anyone with your false sense of moral superiority, so get outta here. [Comment moderated for profanity.]


  9. Bobby jenks

    None of this is real, they just want attention.


  10. Ancient Burial Ground

    The previous commenter is right. Unsolved Mysteries should have forced the dude telling the story to make up a different story so that it wouldn’t upset her.


  11. Rebecca Gulka

    Can we stop using the outdated and frankly racist “Indian burial grounds” and “the savages murdered the whiteman so it’s clearly haunted trope. You’re better than this and these racist views have no place in 2023.

    In addition to the antiquated thought process of abortions equal evil demonic presence. [Comment moderated for profanity.]

    I’ve loved UM for literal decades, and I can give these narratives a pass for old episodes but come one now, your production company should know better, and you’re viewers deserve better.


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