The Haunting on Brownsville Road

Bob Cranmer, a well-known local politician from Brentwood, PA, has been fascinated with the house at 3406 Brownsville Road for as long as he can remember. As a kid, he’d pass the property on his way to a friend’s house and always stop to look at the home. Its stately wrap-around porch and beautiful, expansive windows gave the impression of “success.” To Bob, living in that house would mean that he’d “made something of himself.” In the Fall of 1988, Bob is informed that his dream home is for sale. He buys it and moves his wife, Lesa, and their four children, Jessica, Bobby, David, and Charlie, into the home. From the day they arrive, the family begins to report strange paranormal experiences, such as doors closing, phantom footsteps down the hall and lights turning on and off. At first the family makes a joke that their house is haunted by “a friendly ghost.” But one night, the paranormal activity in the Cranmer’s home takes a dark turn. For years, the entity wreaks havoc on the family. Bob Cranmer and his son, Bobby Jr., tell of the dark energies in their home, and the years-long process it took to free the home, and the family, from its clutches.

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  1. Bill Blaski

    No one ever seems to be able to record anything, tape record something, or bring in authority’s to testify they witnessed it. If this Went on for years why didn’t it get documented?


  2. Bill Mikreditkard

    Can we stop finding a way to turn every single thing we hear or see into an opportunity to call out a form of racism that only exists as a fabrication of your own imagination? That would be great. Get a grip. You’re not helping anyone with your false sense of moral superiority, so get outta here. [Comment moderated for profanity.]


  3. Bobby jenks

    None of this is real, they just want attention.


  4. Ancient Burial Ground

    The previous commenter is right. Unsolved Mysteries should have forced the dude telling the story to make up a different story so that it wouldn’t upset her.


  5. Rebecca Gulka

    Can we stop using the outdated and frankly racist “Indian burial grounds” and “the savages murdered the whiteman so it’s clearly haunted trope. You’re better than this and these racist views have no place in 2023.

    In addition to the antiquated thought process of abortions equal evil demonic presence. [Comment moderated for profanity.]

    I’ve loved UM for literal decades, and I can give these narratives a pass for old episodes but come one now, your production company should know better, and you’re viewers deserve better.


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