Mystery at Hobble Creek Canyon

When a young Mexican woman goes missing after attending her language classes in the Mormon town of Provo, Utah, the religious community bands together with her family and police to search for her. It isn’t for another three years that their deepest fears are confirmed when her remains are found on the side of a remote canyon road, in such an advanced state of decomposition that a cause of death cannot be determined. With no suspects and little evidence, investigators must turn to the public for help. Who murdered Elizabeth Salgado?

Elizabeth Salgado disappeared from State Street in Provo, Utah on April 16th, 2015. She was five feet, five inches tall and weighed about 120 pounds. She had brown eyes and black hair. If anyone saw her with someone that afternoon, or recalls seeing anything suspicious, please contact the Utah County Sheriff’s Office at 801-851-4010, or send us a tip.


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  1. Raymond

    Really sad. Poor little girl trying to better herself here.


  2. brian massey

    It is my experience in murder cases how people behave around other people and it’s no surprise in this case how the victim turns up missing and is found dead miles away from where she was last seen. My instincts tell me that someone in her language class kidnapped her and then murdered her. The real killer is probably Hispanic and had been stalking the victim for quite some time.


  3. Roshell

    What a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul. So sorry for your loss. It’s a tragic story and she did not deserve this.