Something in the Sky

One Spring evening in the mid 80’s, Pete Bertine is attending an all-boys boarding school in Katonah, NY. Just as he sits down to eat his dinner, one of his classmates rushes into the dining room and announces, “It’s back!” Immediately the students rush outside, into the twilight. Pete follows, though not exactly sure what “it” is. Once outside, Bertine witnesses a sight, something in the sky, that he is still trying to understand nearly 40 years later: a massive, silent “structure,” hovering above his school, as wide as several football fields.

Bertine’s story falls within a well-documented rash of UFO sightings throughout the 80’s that experts have dubbed, “The Hudson Valley Wave.” During this time, strange, silent, inexplicable structures, some very much like what Pete saw, were seen in the night sky by hundreds of people, from mechanics to CHP officers. Linda Zimmerman, an expert on this UFO phenomena and other waves of sightings, places Pete’s account into the context of the Hudson Valley Wave and shares the many ways these mysterious events have changed the lives of those who witnessed them—sometimes for generations.

If you have witnessed the Katonah UFO, or have seen other strange objects in the sky, please share your experience at

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    Angel Perez

    This was an amazing podcast! I also experienced something I cannot explain and to this day I still wonder if anyone else saw what my family and I witnessed that night. I grew up in a farm town called Dos Palos in California. We lived basically in the middle of fields with the closest neighbors being maybe 2-3 miles away so the nights were always very dark since the only light source was our porch light and of course the moon. One very late night or early morning-my memory of the time is fuzzy because I lost the concept of time during this event- we were prepping for a trip to Bakersfield and one of my brothers who was packing the vehicle, came in excited and confused saying “there’s something in the sky!”. I remember running out with my mother and seeing my other 3 other brothers just standing there looking up at something. As I started walking down the porch steps and cleared the huge eucalyptus tree we had in the front yard, I saw what looked like a huge sphere with big amber lights all around. I remember this sphere was just there, in the sky not moving, no noise.. it was just there. At some point I remember it looked like it started to spin in circles in place. I remember we all stood there in silence for what it seemed hours. I don’t remember what happened after that. I don’t even remember seeing it leave… my next memory is just of my father coming out of the house and loading us all up in the vehicle. I am curious to see if anyone else in the area saw what 6 of us saw in or near Dos Palos or even the Central Valley around 1993.


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    Pete Bertine

    Wow Mary Ann! So wonderful to read about your experience. Your description of the grid pattern of the lights is exactly right and I had forgotten that detail. Thank you!



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    Mary Ann Edwards

    I listened to this podcast today and I know exactly what Pete experienced. I’ve told several people my experience and I’m sure they think I’m nuts. It would have been in the 1980’s as well when I noticed a strange large slow moving object with many lights in the sky travelling from the west to east over Woodstock, Ontario Canada. I remember going outside to observe it as it slowly passed over my home very low. I remember how silent this craft was and being so confused as to what it was. It was so large like a football field with a flat bottom with many lights in a grid pattern much like the inside of a computer. I had nothing to compare it to at the time as I had never seen anything like before or since. I know people said it must have been a weather blimp but I know it wasn’t. I feel vindicated that what ever that craft was it was real and I’m not nuts.