Wanted For Murder

When Krystal Mitchell, a 30-year-old mother of two, looks to make a fresh start following her divorce, she has no idea that the ex-marine bodybuilder she has just met has a dark and violent past. Raymond “RJ” McLeod offers Krystal Mitchell the sense of security she has been looking for, since settling in Phoenix. Three weeks later, the two opt for a weekend getaway to San Diego, planning to stay with friends of McLeod. They arrive on a Thursday, and Krystal is found dead, the next day, in the guest room of the friends. McLeod is nowhere to be found. Within days, investigators learn that RJ McLeod has fled to Mexico and could now possibly be in Central America. The US Marshals are hot on his trail, but need help from the public in order to bring McLeod to justice.

Raymond “RJ” McLeod was recently added to the US Marshal’s Top 15 Most Wanted fugitives list and there is a reward of up to $50,000 for information leading to his arrest. McLeod typically goes by “RJ,” but could be using the aliases Matt or Matteo. He is in his late 30’s and is described as 5’11”, 215 to 245 pounds with a body-builder’s physique. Raymond McLeod has brown hair, hazel eyes, and tattoos that cover both arms and his collarbone. You can see photos of RJ McLeod below. If you have any information about this case, please contact the U.S. Marshals at 1-877-WANTED-2 or submit a tip online at usmarshals.gov/tips or at unsolved.com.

UPDATE: U.S. Marshals Top 15 Fugitive Raymond “R.J.” McLeod Jr. was arrested on Monday morning, August 29th in El Salvador. Read more: bit.ly/3RjQGVM

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  1. Bill Blaski

    Looks like this scum bag was caught! Great Job US Marshalls.


  2. Busted

    Got em!!


  3. Rico Suave

    Another piece of garbage incel causes indescribable lifetime pain for the family of his ex. He’ll die in prison and I’ll take much enjoyment knowing this.


  4. Treena

    I don’t understand why if the mother suspected she was communicating with her daughter’s killer wouldn’t keep that line open, let the authorities know, and see if it could be traced or if he’d slip up and give anything away about his location. So often letting fugitives think they’re being clever can allow them to make mistakes that can help an investigation. Why let him know you’re on to him and chase him away?

    Really enjoying the podcast!


  5. Johnny Rodgers

    Ex-marine bodybuilder? Sounds like a recipe for potential disaster from the onset. Add anabolic steroids to the mix and it’s a ticking time bomb. Who knows what this guy experienced in combat. He was probably struggling and suffering from some form of PTSD or CTE or both or other psychological issues. The story above describes this guy as having a “dark and violent past.” Seems like this woman should have been warned somehow but maybe she saw what she wanted to see. It seems that it didn’t take long for this guy to go completely off the rails and someone ended up dead. This guy pulls an OJ Simpson and flees. The good news is that this guy sticks out like a sore thumb and he doesn’t seem like a genius in the least. He shouldn’t be too hard to track down. Find this guys family and see where they’re sending Western Union Telegrams and Money Grams. Police know how to “put pressure” on this guy’s relatives and definitely put some pressure on “RJ’s” friends who owned the house in San Diego where the woman was found dead. Friends didn’t notice anything unusual that night? No loud noises or banging? Hopefully this guy gets caught before he kills himself.


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